Amala Programs & Pricing

All massage and lymphatic treatments are customized for each client and tailored to each visit.

Single Sessions

Single Treatment of Massage or Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy:

60 minutes | $150
90 minutes | $225


A series of treatments is the most effective way to achieve optimal results. Amala offers three program levels to best support individual goals. Programs can be customized to consist of LET only, massage only or a combination of both.

Jump Start to Healing

3-Treatment Program | $350
Receive three 60-minute treatments within 14 days.
This program is intended to target specific goals and give you a jump start on healing.

Amala Therapies Massage - Massage Table

Shift to Balance

6-Treatment Program | $675
Receive six 60-minute treatments within 10 weeks.
This program is intended to shift and establish balance for long-term wellness.

Amala Lymphatic Massage Tools

Journey to Wellness

10-Treatment Maintenance Program | $1,125
Receive ten 60-minute treatments within 10 months.
Intended as a long-term program of wellness maintenance.

Amala Therapies - Lymphatic Massage

All program treatments are nontransferable and must be completed within program time span.
All treatments subject to NJ sales tax. By Appointment Only. Contact Jennifer to schedule.

Cancellation Policy
We require 24-hour advance notice when cancelling an appointment to allow others to schedule an appointment. Should you cancel within 24 hours, you will be charged the full treatment price.

No-Show Policy
Should you forget your appointment or consciously choose not to come to your appointment, our “no show” policy goes into effect. This means that you will be charged the full amount of the missed appointment. Future appointments may be denied until that payment is made.

Late Arrivals
Your appointment time has been scheduled for you. Should you arrive late, your appointment will end at the scheduled time, and you are responsible for the full payment for that service.